Tuesday, December 29, 2015

26 Hour Headache

KK's headache finally broke (do you say a "headache broke" like a "fever broke"???) around 3:00 today.

The girl amazes me! I would be curled up in a ball crying if I had a headache for 6 hours, let alone 26 hours, with no relief. Not KK. She completed Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy, allowed me to drill her on her vocabulary and spelling flashcards ad nauseum, and did her reading for school tomorrow so she wouldn't throw Lucas off schedule. At one point, she was playing solitaire on her Kindle when I thought she was napping. I walked in her room while she was playing and she quickly shut the Kindle off then started crying. I asked her why she was crying thinking her pain level may have increased due to the strain on her eyes, but that wasn't it at all. She said, "I am disappointed in my choices. I should have been napping."

Thanking God for the privilege of being this girl's mom!


Susan said...

Praising God that KK is feeling better after such a long headache!!

Heidi Peterson said...

What an awesome kid she is!