Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today has been a good day. We left the hotel room at 9:30am and didn't return until 10:30pm.

The peppermint oil saved the day a few times when KK was looking a bit off. It also helped that there was a little cloud cover in the morning and we weren't outside very much when it was mostly sunny.

We went to the Candlelight Processional this evening. It was amazing to hear the Christmas story read and the Hallelujah Chorus sang at Disney...glory to God!


Heidi Peterson said...

WOW! So glad to hear that Disney had the real Christmas story and the Hallelujah Chorus! Very glad to hear you had a good day. We hear the next couple of days will be cooler. Still praying!

Susan said...

Praising God that you both had a good day. Holding you close in our thoughts and prayers! Love you both.

Judy Bleau said...

I love that smile!

Bonnie Fiske said...

I just love that smile, she makes me smile! XOXO