Thursday, December 10, 2015

Plan D is the New Plan A

I didn't hear back from the Department of Developmental Services today about the motor scooter. I left a message late this afternoon, but I'm not sure if this plan will work out or not.

We have a Plan D (that is quickly becoming Plan A) thanks to our friend Susan at church. She told her aunt and cousin in Florida about our plight. Her aunt used to work for a scooter company in Central Florida, so she is contacting the owner on our behalf.

I am thankful beyond words for people willing to go out of their way to help KK (and me).

UPDATE (Friday AM): Jim called this morning. He does not think the scooter they have is dependable enough for our needs. However, he is going to deliver a transporter wheelchair to us on Monday morning.

UPDATE (Friday PM): Our friend Susan secured a motorized scooter in Orlando for us with the help of her friend Jessica!