Sunday, December 20, 2015

Magic Kingdom

We had tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom for Friday night...4pm-to-midnight night.

Since we had time before we could get into Magic Kingdom, we drove over to Merritt Island to have lunch with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Dave. KK and Uncle Dave are two peas in a pod. They have been able to relate to each other in ways most people cannot understand: they have both experienced weakness on one side as well as double vision and they have both worked really hard to get better.

After a nice lunch, we headed back to Disney for 8 hours in the park. We enjoyed some of our favorite rides. KK wasn't quite up to riding Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but she was glad she got to go on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the first time.

By the end of the night, the scooter's battery was just about dead. I put the scooter in neutral and pushed as much as I could. KK sweetly offered to walk even though she was completely exhausted. As long as we were on flat ground or on a decline, it wasn't too hard pushing the scooter with her in it. As we were leaving the park, I began to dread the ramp up to the monorail. Thankfully, there were so many people leaving at the same time that we only had to move a few feet at a time. Phew!

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Heidi Peterson said...

What a great finish to your time! Thanks for all the great pictures!