Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

KK's counts look good, so she begins her fifth round of Temozolomide tonight. Dr. Manley lowered the dosage from 300mg to 250mg so we can get back to a 28-day cycle.

We brought two concerns to clinic today: KK's peripheral vision on the right side and brown spots on her tongue. I noticed the issue with her peripheral vision while we were at Disney. She kept bumping into things on her right side when she was driving the scooter. They are going to schedule a visual field test, hopefully at one of our clinic days in January. I noticed the brown spots on her tongue last night...KK noticed them before last night but didn't think anything about them. The doctor said the spots are her taste buds dying which is normal for someone on chemo. (UPDATE: I just read on the American Cancer Society's website that "these dark spots are called hyperpigmentation. This is more common in dark-skinned people. The cause is not clear, it’s not painful or dangerous, and it goes away on its own after treatment ends.")

KK is fighting a cold, so she is currently sleeping through her two infusions.

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Judy Bleau said...

Stay strong, girls! Much love to you both.