Tuesday, December 15, 2015

And We're Off!

We are in Disney!

KK is loving her wheels. I am so thankful for both the manual wheelchair and the motorized scooter. They have helped her make it through a very long travel day with a smile on her face.

She is a little timid on the scooter (which I thought she would be). I turned the speed dial up at one point and she wanted to turn it down. Once she figures out that I will be walking a little faster than a snail, I'm sure she'll crank it up a bit.


Terri said...

Awesome! Have a wonderful time!

Mindy said...

Have a wonderful time! :)

Heidi Peterson said...

Bethany says, "Hope you have a great time at Disney! We went there with my extended family and had a lot of fun. One of my favorite parks was Magic Kingdom, especially at night because of the fireworks and the light show on the castle."

Susan said...

Yay!! Hope you have a wonderful time.