Saturday, December 5, 2015

ECV Prayer Request

Just days after KK's fifth round of Temozolomide, we will experience long days, late nights, and lots of Disney!

I was hoping to rent an ECV (a.k.a. motorized scooter) for KK to use on at least two days. I have contacted Disney and multiple scooter rental places in the Orlando area about renting an ECV. For liability reasons, they will not allow anyone under 18 to operate an ECV. I spoke with someone at Give Kids The World to see if they might work with a company that rents to families with kids/teens that have mobility issues, but they weren't able to help. I have an email out to the Orlando chapter of Make-A-Wish to see if they might be able to help.

Please pray that we are able to find something that KK can use while we are in the parks.


Heidi Peterson said...

This may seem like a silly suggestion, but if you can't get anything else, would KK be okay with a wheelchair? You are right that it's a lot of walking.

Chosen and Loved said...

A manual wheelchair is our back-up plan. :)

Susan said...

There are also larger folding type strollers made by Convaid that would probably be more comfortable and are easy to manuever. You could likely rent one from a DME company in the Orlando area.