Monday, December 28, 2015

Thankful for the Blog

KK has had a headache most of today.

I saw her struggling while we were studying her vocabulary/spelling flashcards at lunch. I asked her if she was okay. She said she had a headache and that it was at a "1" (a 3 or 4 for most people) out of 10. She asked if she could have some peppermint oil. I didn't have it with me, so we applied it when we got home. At that point, I encouraged her to take a nap before we had to leave for her therapies.

After a 40-minute nap, the headache was still there. It definitely impeded her ability to do her therapies. All of her therapists were concerned. She was a trooper and did her best despite the pain. When we got home, we did more peppermint oil as well as frankincense (KK didn't feel it was necessary to take any Tylenol). The headache lessened to a "half" before she went to bed.

Unfortunately, the headache is still at a "half" (I asked her when she woke up to go to the bathroom at 11:15pm).

I am trying not to worry that this is related to swelling or tumor growth. I have been praying for relief for KK and peace of mind for me. I spent a couple hours tonight googling side effects of Temozolomide and Zofran trying to convince myself that the headache is due to the fact that she just completed 5 days of Temozolomide and 7 days of Zofran. Then, I realized I should search headaches on this blog. The search revealed these two posts: Fatigue and Headaches and Typical. I am so thankful that I have tracked these sort of things on the blog to remind me that headaches after chemo week are "normal" for KK.


Terri said...

Continuing to pray for you both! Love you!

Heidi Peterson said...

Glad you are using the records you are keeping -- so smart! We are praying for relief.