Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Surgery Today

Surgery is currently scheduled for 11am.  

KK is doing pretty well. We are both hopeful that creating a pathway for fluid to drain out of the cavity where Charlie was/is will relieve the pressure and swelling, and that KK will regain full strength.  

Please pray that Dr. Goumnerova and her team are able to do everything they set out to do. Pray especially for no complications for KK.


Melissa Singley said...

Good luck KK! Lots of people praying for good results today. Hugs!!!!

Donna Boyle said...

Good luck today our thoughts and prayers are with you all on this journey today and every day.
Donna (Williams) Boyle Calgary

Judy Bleau said...

Praying!!! Love, Mrs. Bleau
Go away, Charlie!

Ken Dunn said...

your in my prayers for the health & strength it takes to get through these hard times hope all goes well for everyone love yas