Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the OR again

KK and Chloe, pre-surgery therapy
After breakthrough fevers and more vomiting, they finally sent KK for CT scan (number 5 for those of you who are counting) at 2:30pm. We were barely back in the pediatric ward and the doctor was there telling us KK had to have another surgery. KK was upset.  Thankfully, she had enough time to spend a few minutes with a pet therapy dog named Chloe before the surgeons came to the room and did a shunt tap to test the fluid for infection. Immediately afterwards, we were brought back down to the OR and now we wait to see what they find. They may do an external catheter to drain it until the infection (if it is an infection) is gone...

Pray that they are able to fix what is going wrong so we will be able to go home for the weekend, especially if we're going to start at Dana Farber next week.

Speaking of Dana Farber, tomorrow is the new patient review. Pray for God's favor.

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