Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rough Night

It was a rough night last night.  Her temp was up yesterday around noon so the doctors decided to keep her one more night.  This part was rough on me -- I cried as I told Nurse Jackie that we were staying, and she said, "I just want to give you a hug."  At 5pm, KK began vomiting again.  It was then that I realized why we were still here.  KK was given Tylenol at 5:15.  By 11pm, KK's temp was down and I was cautiously optimistic.  However, KK began vomiting again at 2am.  Around 3am (I'm a little fuzzy on the time), her temp was up and they gave her another dose of Tylenol.  It didn't go down after an hour, so they ordered blood cultures and the woman came to draw blood at 4:15am. Two of Dr. Cataltepe's Physician Assistants came by this morning to find out what's been happening and they said Dr. Upadhyay (part of Dr. C's team who did the Shunt Revision) will be up after she gets out of the OR.  The P.A.s did take out the sutures from the first two surgeries and KK did awesome. 

I "secretly" have been praying that the clogs were Charlie trying to make a dramatic exit. 

Praying for God's perfect will, not mine, to be done. 

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