Friday, April 24, 2015

OR, Med Flight, and Children's...part 2

Nurse Rudy & Jorge
prepping for Life Flight
Last night was rough to say the least.  It is so hard to see KK with limited mobility on her right side and to hear her strain to talk.

KK made it through this morning's surgery to externalize the shunt, then recovered in PICU while we waited for Children's Hospital to have an open bed. She slept most of the time and was difficult to rouse for neurological checks.  She still has weakness in her right side, difficulty forming words and slurring. 

Dr. Bill, who I originally met frantically working on KK  last night trying to get her to talk, move, kick, etc. in recovery, came to visit us in PICU this afternoon and said, "She looks so much better." I asked, "How bad was she?" All I know is that my sweet girl is a fighter and God is carrying her through this.

Arriving at
Children's Hospital
The Life Flight crew came to the room at 4:45pm. After prep and transport to the helipad, we (yes, I got to fly in the helicopter) were at Children's in 15 minutes. The next 3 hours included a flurry of activity.

We just got back from CT. They will wait until morning to do an MRI. The OR is booked for Tuesday, but they will amend this if the scans show the need to do something sooner.

KK is now comfortable and I know she is in capable hands.  

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