Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Post-Op #4

The neurosurgery team found that the shunt valve was only working intermittently.  When the doctors checked the first time it was working fine.  So they continued looking for the cause of the problem, but couldn't find anything wrong.  When they got the test results back from the shunt tap, it revealed no infection.  So they checked the valve one more time and it wasn't working.  They replaced the valve and double-checked the original valve after it was removed which confirmed that it was only working intermittently. 

Thank you, God, for allowing them to see it not working the second time!

When I spoke with the doctor after the surgery, I reiterated that I knew something wasn't right when KK was vomiting through the night.  She agreed that we need to take vomiting seriously sooner than later because when KK has cranial pressure that is how it presents itself.

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Heather said...

Dear Lord, we pray the new valve will work seamlessly and there will be no clogs! Bless KK and Tanya. Hold them close to you. Show them the depths of your love even throughout all the pain. Have favor and bring complete healing.