Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shunt Revision #3

KK ended up with another CT scan around 5:30pm.  It revealed that something is still not right.  They did another shunt tap to figure out if the shunt failed again or if it was more of an issue with the tumor and spinal fluid pressure building up causing KK's nausea and vomiting.  If it was the latter, the plan was to drain some of the fluid so KK could be comfortable through the night and then talk about options (which would include another craniotomy...the option being whether to do it here at UMass or to transfer to Children's Hospital).  They did the shunt tap and weren't able to get any fluid (unlike yesterday when the pressure was at 36) which means the shunt probably failed.  So, KK is in the OR again.  The doctors are talking to Children's to help us transfer KK when she is ready. 

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Judy Bleau said...

praying for you two, and for all involved in treating KK. Love, Judy