Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Adenoviral Vector Trial

The Adenoviral Vector Trial (AdV-tk) is fascinating.

FYI, the Adenovirus is an upper-respiratory virus that doesn't cause disease.  It is genetically "turned off" before being injected into a tumor.

KK is one of 12 people participating in the second tier of Phase I of this trial.  Each tier of Phase I receives a higher dose of the viral vector to find out what dosage can be given safely. The first tier has already been completed.

The AdV-tk was injected into the tendrils (remains) of Charlie during surgery today.  The next step is for KK to begin taking anti-viral medication.  The idea is that the anti-viral meds will break the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) which traditional chemotherapy has difficulty breaking.  This will help the body's immune system begin fighting the virus in the tumor.  It will also allow the radiation to be more effective.

The side-effects of the AdV-tk are minimal.

KK will begin taking the anti-viral medication this week and radiation therapy begins May 5.  If KK is discharged from the hospital, radiation therapy will be outpatient.  We will make daily (Monday thru Friday) trips to Boston for 6 1/2 weeks (each session will last about 15 minutes).  She will have to start taking a chemotherapy pill, but that start date hasn't been set yet.  KK is excited that she should not lose all of her hair.  There may be a couple of small bald spots where the radiation is given and the hair they shaved for surgery has already started growing back.


Terri said...

Thanks for sharing details about the trial - it's helpful to hear more about how the treatment will work. Rejoicing with KK that she won't lose all of her hair! :) Love you both!

Judy Bleau said...

Yeah about her hair :-) The trial does sound fascinating. I am thankful that God provides wisdom to researchers and doctors, etc., and strength to you and KK! <3 Judy

Toni Lynn said...

I am grateful for your updates. I have been keeping in prayer and just being able to check on you both this way has been a blessing. I can't wait to see you and just praise God for what he's done and what he will do. You're amazing! I love you and KK and hope to see you soon. Xoxo