Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shunt Revision

On Sunday and Monday, KK was nauseous and vomited 4 times.  I called the doctors at UMass after the fourth time and started packing “just in case” while I waited for them to call back.  From what I described,  KK's pediatrician, Dr. Hunt, suggested that the shunt tubing may be clogged.  When the neurologists called back they told us to go to the ER just to be sure something had not gone wrong with the shunt.  Sure enough, the tubing (catheter) was clogged and KK had a third surgery (shunt revision) last night.  I was very clear that the anesthesia they used for the first surgery worked well for KK and the one they used for the second surgery did not, so she did much better this time around.  When she woke from surgery, KK immediately told the recovery nurse that she was feeling much better and she seems so much better to me!  We were hoping to come home today, but KK’s temp is up and they want to monitor it tonight.  Thankfully, they will take out the stitches tomorrow from the previous two surgeries before we leave and we won’t have to make another trip on Thursday.

Please pray for KK’s fever to come down and a speedy discharge tomorrow.  Continue to pray that “Charlie” (the tumor) understands that it has been given its eviction notice and to leave my little girl.  We are still awaiting word from Dana Farber.

Thank you for praying!

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