Friday, May 6, 2016

Tell Them About Me

Out of the blue this evening, KK said, "If I die and you adopt more kids, make sure you tell them about me, their big sister."

I asked, "So, you think I should adopt again?"

She said yes.

I reminded her that she needs to get better so we could adopt Tyler.

We had a whole conversation about how she would want a brother, where he would sleep, how we would need to get him a smaller bed, make the three season porch into a playroom, and put a gate at the top of the stairs. She said she doesn't think she would want a sister because "you know how girls can be territorial". However, she would reconsider the whole sister thing if her youngest, biological sister was adoptable.


Terri said...

Breaking heart.... such precious words from her sweet heart... prayers and love for you both!

Judy Bleau said...

What a precious relationship you two have 💜

Mindy said...

What a beautiful heart!