Friday, February 5, 2016

Snowed In

The clinic called this morning to see if we could come in at 11am instead of 2pm, because they had a cancellation. I received a text earlier that the group I was supposed to meet at church had cancelled, so we took the earlier appointment time.

I knew it would be slow-going due to the snow, so we headed out the door at 9:15 to give ourselves "plenty of time". Ha! What normally takes 75 minutes, ended up taking 2 hours and 35 minutes. I decided that if it was still snowing by the time KK finished the infusion that we would get a hotel room for the night knowing that we had to be back early Saturday morning anyway. I mentioned my plans to the staff when we arrived and the receptionist called a nearby inn to get a discounted rate for us.

We are now hunkered down in New Hampshire for the night. It made my mom happy to know we weren't going to drive in the snow twice in one day (one time was too many times for her). It made me happy to know we don't have to get up super early tomorrow to drive to NH.


Heidi Peterson said...

So glad you chose to stay the night! You both needed a rest and a break from the stress of snow travel!

Judy Bleau said...

So glad you were safe!