Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Sneeze...A Seizure...Apoptosis

After having a pretty good day yesterday, KK sneezed just as she was sitting down to go to the bathroom. I got a tissue to help her wipe her nose and she pulled back from me. I told her I was just trying to help her. She leaned in for me to help, but she seemed different than she did just before she sneezed. I asked her to talk to me. She said "Hello" in a very low, drawn out voice -- a voice I now associate with seizures. She finished going to the bathroom and I helped her stand up. Then, just like that, she started talking normally again.

So many questions went through my head: Did a sneeze cause a seizure? Was it a seizure? Did the pressure from the sneeze cause a few cancer cells to "pop" (apoptosis)?

I admitted to KK that I was probably going to have a hard time sleeping that night, because I was going to worry that she would have another seizure. She told me that I could wake her up "every hour, on the hour" to make sure she was okay. We both prayed for peace. I checked on her quite a few times before I went to bed...thankfully, I was able to sleep soundly once I was in bed.

We saw great improvements in KK today. I believe the answer to the questions I had last night is that the pressure from the sneeze caused a few cancer cells to die off quickly causing a small electrical storm in KK's brain. She was able to lift her right arm above her head, use both arms to hug people, walk more steadily, stick her tongue out straighter (her tongue had recently started shifting to the right), and her voice was clear and strong all day long...even when she was exhausted at the end of the day.

I am so grateful that God is answering our prayers for apoptosis!


Mindy said...

So happy that you saw improvements today!

Terri said...

Praise the Lord! Continuing to pray!

Heidi Peterson said...

Very glad for those positives, and for a good night's sleep for you both eventually. Still praying!

Abbaschild said...

I have been praying for both of you
You are so often in my thoughts and prayers
Been praying for those cancer cells to Poland die off

Susan said...

So happy that you are seeing these positive changes! I'm glad to hear that you slept comfortably and soundly as well.

Kim Chernisky said...

So happy that things are moving in a more positive direction. :)
Praying for healing and strength.