Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Scheduling the Next MRI

I received a voicemail from Dana Farber yesterday to schedule KK's next MRI.

Before returning the call, I looked at the calendar and took a deep breath.

At the meeting with KK's team, we talked about having an MRI every 8 weeks instead of every 12. I counted out the weeks from the last MRI and figured that they would schedule the next one on March 16. I then counted out the weeks for clinic days (which should be every 3 weeks) and figured out that those would be on March 4 and 25. I noted that KK's visual field testing is scheduled for March 2 and figured that I need to ask if we can move the March 4 clinic day to the same day.

When I spoke with Dana Farber today, they noted the visual field testing on March 2 and scheduled the MRI and Brain Tumor Clinic for the same day. Not only does this save us two more trips into Boston, it also saves us two more weeks of waiting for the next MRI!


Terri said...

Thank you, Father, for Your many mercies along this journey!

Heidi Peterson said...

So glad they are willing to work with you on these details to make life easier! We keep praying every day.