Tuesday, February 23, 2016


When we were in the Emergency Room at UMass University Campus on Saturday, one of the doctors mentioned transferring KK to Children's. I didn't think it was necessary to go to Children's since I assumed it would be the same as the previous week: multiple teams checking her out, figuring out the situation with the anti-seizure medication, then discharging us. So, I opted to stay at UMass.

Things didn't quite go as I planned. They were much more cautious. I forgot to take into consideration that the doctors at UMass don't know me as well as the team at Children's/Dana Farber. They admitted KK overnight to give her the Keppra intravenously. In fact, they wanted to keep her a second night to monitor how she would do taking the liquid Keppra orally. I told them if they did so, then they would need to discharge KK at 7am on Monday so we could be in New Hampshire for her Vitamin C treatment at 9. They didn't think that would be possible, so they chose to discharge us at 10pm on Sunday.

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