Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chemo and Zofran Update

I completely forgot to post an update on how KK tolerated the last round of Temozolomide.

Aside from the never-ending headache (updates here and here), KK felt pretty well the whole week. We did much better with the Zofran schedule this time. I was a little late giving her the Zofran on two days. The first time it happened, we were at Whittier Rehab for her therapies. Speech Therapy was scheduled to begin at 4pm which is also Zofran time. When we checked in a few minutes early, her therapist was ready and offered to begin right away. By the end of the session, KK was very quiet and still. We asked if she was okay; she said she was fine. As KK and I walked over to Occupational Therapy, I realized we missed the 4pm dose of Zofran. I gave her the pill and she perked up midway through OT. The way I described it to KK was that her body seemed to focus so much on not being sick that she was no longer able to do anything else. The same thing happened about 35 minutes after the second missed dose.

As far as the headaches are concerned, I have a couple theories. First, I believe KK needs to hydrate better. Second, I wonder if the full dose of Zofran (8mg every 8 hours for 7 days) is too much for her. We used to have a 4mg dose of Zofran (prescribed by UMass) that I gave KK from time to time instead of the 8mg dose. When we ran out of that dosage, I talked to the Nurse Practitioner about giving her a half dose of Zofran at times. She said that KK's height and weight allows her to have 8mg of Zofran, but it would be okay if I wanted to cut the pills in half. I am going to try this for the 2 days after the Temozolomide is done to see if that helps the headaches.

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