Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MRI Tomorrow

The last couple days have been hard. I have been preparing for the worst, yet trying not to go there.

I am prepared for the MRI to look worse than the one in November. The MRI in November showed either necrosis or tumor growth or both. The dramatic short-term memory loss that KK has experienced over the last couple months pretty much confirms that what they saw in November was necrosis. The problem is that the necrosis most likely worsened between November and December before we started treating it with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy this month. We don't have an MRI from when the short-term memory loss was at its worst, so we probably won't see any progress and will most likely see more necrosis at this MRI.

Today, I received a check from Dana Farber covering next month's rent. I felt like God sent a little gift saying, "I've got this." He continually provides for our financial needs; I know He can provide for KK's healing.


Heidi Peterson said...

Tanya, you continually honor God with your trust in Him. We are praying with you today.

Terri said...

Praying, praying, praying! Love you both!

Kim said...

KK is an amazing young lady. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend getting to know her this weekend. Her strength is amazing and her faith inspiring. Praying for you both as you continue this journey.