Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I called the Wound Care Center today to ask how much it would cost if we paid for HBOT out-of-pocket. The woman I spoke with said that I would need to speak to another department about that, but her "guesstimate" was around $500.

She went on to warn me that the HBOT may not do what I want it to do. I told her that I understood this was a possibility, then I explained to her that I have been bringing KK to the soft-sided HBOT treatments and how I saw minor improvements.

We then talked about the insurance issue. For some reason, she was under the impression that I wanted her to apply for prior authorization from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. I told her I understood that HPHC denied the prior authorization, but that I needed her to apply for prior authorization with Mass Health. She agreed to do that!

At 6:11 tonight, I received a call from Mass Health. When I answered it, I didn't hear anyone on the other end. I tried calling them back, but I got a recording that Mass Health was closed for the evening. I have no idea what that was about, but you can be sure I will be calling at 8am tomorrow.