Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Comfort Plus

On this trip to Disney, we flew Delta for the first time in years (actually, I think KK has only ever flown Southwest with me). On the way to Orlando, the attendant that met us at the gate offered to move us closer to the front for KK's sake. I explained that we usually sit towards the back to be close to the bathrooms. I was astounded at how close together the rows were and how little legroom there was.

While we waited for our return flight, we sat by the desk to get a claim tag for the wheelchair from the Delta attendants when they arrived at our gate. A sweet young man named Michael that we sat near saw our brain cancer shirts and told the Delta attendants that he would like to give his first class seat to KK if I was comfortable with that. Due to her short-term memory loss, I didn't think it was a good idea for us to be separated. The Delta attendant was so touched by this man's thoughtfulness that she offered to upgrade us to Comfort Plus (between first class and coach -- with a little more legroom than coach). The young man explained to me that he just found out that his cousin, who has been fighting brain cancer, was given a couple months to live. Of course, I just wanted to share all that I have learned about the alternative treatments that have helped KK make it through a full year since her recurrence and being put on palliative care.

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Heidi Peterson said...

Sounds like you and Michael had a divine appointment!