Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Such A Gift

Thanks to a very kind and generous family from Chapel, we are enjoying a week in a Guest House at the Trapp Family Lodge (as in Von Trapp of The Sound of Music fame) in Stowe, Vermont. This vacation has been such a gift on so many levels, besides the obvious gift of giving us their timeshare for a week. It has been so nice to relax and not have to do anything or be anywhere.

Monday was a rainy day, so we made a fire and watched movies most of the day while KK received her Vitamin C treatment on the couch.

The lodge offered a campfire and sing-along on Tuesday where we sang a variety of songs, including some from the The Sound of Music. The woman did her best to take requests, but she didn't always know all the words. When KK requested a song, she stood right by her to help her with the lyrics.

The view from our Guest House

This is the first time we have gone away since KK began eating a raw vegan diet (aside from camp where they had a chef willing to accommodate all of KK's dietary needs). Thankfully, the Guest House is equipped with a full kitchen. We brought lots of veggies, hummus, and fruit, as well as the Ninja IQ to make smoothies for KK.

I decided that KK could take a little vacation from the raw part of the raw vegan diet as a treat when we go out to eat. So I scoured the menus of local restaurants for vegetarian options. She has tried a spicy vegetarian soup, veggie chili (her favorite thus far), and a veggie burger with a lettuce "bun". She has found such joy in each meal! Much to KK's delight, there was even a little bookstore in the same building as one of the restaurants we went to for lunch.

For those that know how picky I am, it may amuse you to know that I was so concerned about what KK would eat that I forgot to make sure there was something I would eat on the menu as well.


Terri said...

Enjoy your week! Laughed so hard at your last line!

Mindy said...

Hope you both have a wonderful relaxing vacation! :)