Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Should Blog About This

KK and I went on a little adventure on Wednesday to see the Moss Glen Falls. From what I could tell on the internet, the falls were just a short hike from a parking area. Most of the hike was flat and easy enough. As we walked along, KK said, "You should blog about this."

It was here that KK said, "You should blog about this."
Just after she said that, the path became more of a climb and KK was pretty nervous at certain points. We made it to a lookout with a beautiful view of the falls.

The view is worth it!

As I took a picture of KK with the falls in the background, I could see the fear welling up in her. When we started to climb down, she prayed, "God, help me to not be as afraid as I was climbing up here." She cried as I talked her through each step. As we hit level ground again, KK took a deep breath, regained her composure, and prayed, "God, thank you for helping me defeat this giant of fear." When we encountered people going to the fall, she told them, "It's a little climb, but the view is worth it!"

This is KK's "I have no idea how I'm going to get down from here" face.

As we drove back to the Trapp Family Lodge, we talked about the lesson found in what we just did: 

Just like KK followed my instructions and stepped where I told her to step despite her fear, we need to follow God's instructions and go where He leads despite our fear and uncertainty.


Terri said...


Matt Huffman said...

That's great! Was just there in late June with a few guys and give KK a lot of credit for making that climb! Excellent lesson. Please tell her I said hi and belated happy birthday as well!

Mindy said...

Well done KK! I love your analogy.

Judy Bleau said...

Wow! Way to go!

Heidi Peterson said...

So proud of you, KK, for following Mom's instructions and pushing through! You and your Mom keep setting great examples for us!