Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Re-Camp...or Camp Recap

KK "passed" her swim test with the encouragement of Mrs. Bryan. She received her swim bracelet...then never stepped into the water again.

She thought the modesty dance they did to show girls what it means to and how important it is to dress modestly was hilarious. She "peed her pants" when Mr. Ed "apologized" for wearing his booty shorts.

In addition to veggies and hummus, the chefs at HUME were great about providing a nice selection of fruit at each meal and salad was available at lunch and dinner. They tried to "spice things up" by adding things like mushrooms to her usual veggies and hummus so she didn't get bored with her food. KK simply told them they didn't need to bother because she wasn't going to eat those things. She eats a lot of things, but she does not like mushrooms unless they are hidden in food.

Unbeknownst to KK, she had a great impact on a group of girls that were caught up in some middle school teen drama when they saw all that KK goes through and yet still wakes up singing.

KK was excited that her team was crowned champions once again...thanks in part to the work her cabin put into memorizing the Bible passages for the week.

The hardest part of camp for me was explaining to the nurse and others that there are signed DNR papers in KK's rescue med bag. I told them that the papers would need to be brought to the hospital with KK if she had to be transported there, but they were not to be given to the EMTs or the hospital staff...I wanted to be able to make that decision if the time ever came. Thankfully, they were not needed!


Terri said...

Praise the Lord for a great week for her! Love how the Lord worked through her to impact others.

Anonymous said...

So glad she is having a great time at camp!!! ~ Megan

Anonymous said...

I was truly blessed to get to counsel KK at Hume again this year - she was such an encouragement and a joy to have in our cabin!