Friday, October 16, 2015

Recognizing Nausea

Even with our new Zofran schedule, KK threw up today. Basically, until KK is able to recognize and communicate that she is feeling nauseous before she throws up, it is a guessing game for anyone taking care of her.

KK was out to eat with some friends from the homeschool co-op when Jenna called to tell me that KK didn't look quite right and that she was very quiet. I told her to give her Zofran and have her put the DigestZen oil on her stomach. I also made sure she knew that KK had a vomit bag with her. I hung up the phone and packed up as quickly as I could to go get her. 13 minutes later I received a text saying that she threw up. From my understanding, KK started throwing up minutes after taking the Zofran. Unfortunately, she had not yet used the DigestZen oil. I asked KK to try to remember how she was feeling when Ms. Jenna first asked her if she was okay so she will be able to recognize that feeling so we can help her before she throws up.

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