Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Last night, KK prayed, "God, please let the PowerPort work tomorrow. I don't want to be frustrated. If it doesn't work, I know you have a plan for me."


KK was nervous going into the blood draw this morning. She started crying as Nurse Jill prepped the PowerPort area. Jill and I were so excited to see a flash of blood right away. KK was still a bit worked up and didn't notice the flash or us celebrating. I tried distracting KK by asking her to tell Jill about the Patriots game. After talking about the game for a few minutes, KK looked down and noticed that blood was filling the vials and she was so happy. It made me laugh to think that most people hate the sight of blood and here we were celebrating.


Today's Avastin infusion was supposed to be given over a period of thirty minutes (down from 60 minutes on August 25). However, the infusion machine had other plans. It kept beeping and saying that the line was occluded. (I can't tell you how much I hate the sound of that beep...when KK was in the hospital, it happened so many times while she was sleeping because she would bend her arm to get comfortable and the IV line kinked.) KK, Nurse Leah, Nurse Jill, and I were like, "Nooo..." 


I left the infusion room to get the Temozolomide from the pharmacy while the nurses tried to figure out why it was occluded for the sixth time. As I walked away, I texted a couple people and asked them to pray. When I returned, the nurses finally figured out that the needle was not fully inserted into the port. The needle was fully inserted earlier in the day, but the tape that was used to keep it in place did not stick well and the needle came out just enough to "occlude" the line. All of us breathed a huge sigh of relief. After all was said and done, the infusion took about 40 minutes.

Praise God for answering these prayers in the affirmative!