Saturday, September 26, 2015


I am starting to see what is typical for KK on a 5/28 day Temozolomide cycle. I want to make sure I document how KK did on the second round of Temozolomide as I did for the first here and here.

The second round of Temozolomide (oral chemo) was pushed off a week because of the PowerPort replacement surgery on September 4. The dose was upped from 220mg to 300mg (the highest dose she will receive).

KK started the Temozolomide on Tuesday before bed. Unfortunately, she threw up on Wednesday morning when I slept through my Zofran alarm. She threw up a second time on Friday just minutes before she was to take the Temozolomide and Zofran. I gave her the Zofran and rubbed DigestZen oil on her tummy, then let her rest before she took the chemo pills. She was nauseous on Saturday, so I used the DigestZen oil and it seemed to help. NEXT TIME: I am considering giving KK the Zofran at 4pm and midnight.  With an additional dose at 8am if she needs it. I also need to remember to use the DigestZen oil proactively.

This time around, she only had one headache (on Thursday). She took a Tylenol and was fine.

After the first round, KK threw up on Monday and Tuesday, so I wasn't surprised when KK told me she felt nauseous on Monday and Tuesday this time around. I rubbed DigestZen oil on her stomach and she laid down for a few minutes. Thankfully, she soon felt better and didn't throw up.

KK was a bit more tired while taking the chemo, but she recovered quickly this week.  She even went without a nap a few days this week.

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