Friday, September 4, 2015

New Super Power

Thank you for praying for today's surgery.

We didn't hit any traffic on the way in and arrived at the hospital 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

NOTE TO SELF: If you arrive early, you do not have to check in early...if you do, you will wait in the Pre-Op pod that much longer.

KK was happy to hear that the anesthesiologist would put her to sleep before inserting an IV. She cried a little bit after the surgeon met with us, but she was still calm enough to go to the OR without any meds to help her relax.

The surgery itself went well. The doctor removed the original PowerPort on her left side and placed a new one on her right side. Now that it is on the right side, the possibility that the catheter can kink has increased slightly. Please pray that there will be no complications with this PowerPort.

KK is very tired and a little sore, but she is as sweet as can be. She charmed the doctors and nurses. The nurse in the PACU told KK she wanted to adopt her. After I told the nurse I already had dibs, KK held her hand and said, "You can't adopt me, but you can be my new friend."


Judy Bleau said...

KK, you are so sweet the way you respond to the people taking care of you. I'm sure you are shining Jesus to all <3

Nurse Bonnie said...

Thats KK.... always making sure everyone else is comforted XO

Susan said...

We love you KK and are so glad the surgery went well. You're in our prayers, sweet girl.