Thursday, August 13, 2015


Today is our Gotcha Day! I can hardly believe it was 7 years ago today that KK came home.

We started celebrating with a midnight ride to try and find a dark place to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We found a place and sat outside snuggled up in our blankets for a while. We didn't see any "shooting stars", but KK said she was content just seeing so many stars (we so need to get away from the lights of the city more often). Maybe we'll try to see the meteor shower tonight...from our back deck. 


And Now...

UPDATE: We laid out on the deck during half time (Go Pats!) and we were both able to see a "shooting star". 

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Matt Bullock said...

Awww. Love this!! I remember how excited you were and how certain you were that KK was for you! We watched the shooting stars on our deck too.
Xo, Nadine!