Friday, August 7, 2015


I did a lot of research today trying to find an alternative to steroids that will be okay to take with Avastin. I found out that there is another kind of NSAID that is not a blood thinner and does not affect platelet function or bleeding time: Celebrex.

I emailed the nurse practitioner to see if we could try it. She does not think that it will reduce the brain swelling...but they didn't think Naproxen would reduce the brain swelling either. However, they do have patients that take Celebrex as a part of their treatment protocol because it has been shown to have anti-tumor properties, so she was willing to give us a script for it.

Please keep praying for a decrease in swelling. KK had a headache this evening that was so bad she was crying and ended up vomiting (before the script was filled).

Please pray for peace for both of us. I really struggled tonight seeing KK hurting so much.


Susan said...

Praying for you both.

Judy Bleau said...

Praying for a better day for KK with the new prescription <3