Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No Soup for You

Or, rather, no burger for KK. And let me tell you, KK was perfectly content not getting a burger today because that meant there was no bad news!

I was doing pretty well leading up to the MRI today just knowing that KK was doing well physically. However, there was a moment right as I saw KK's team in the hallway when I tensed up and had to remind myself to breathe. It was so good to see them walk in very relaxed and lighthearted. 

They are all happy with how KK is doing clinically (presenting physically). Dr. Manley said the scans were stable. He didn't even offer to show me the scans to go over them...that was okay though, since I already put in a request for a CD-rom at Children's and knew I would see them later. 

MRI images from June 8, 2016
They admitted that they had been scheduling scans every 6-8 weeks to keep an eye on areas of concern. After today's MRI, they feel comfortable waiting three months before the next scan. I understand how incredible it is for them to wait three months between scans knowing how fast Glioblastoma brain tumors grow. We were told to keep doing what we're doing!

As a celebratory treat, KK had hot soup for dinner...and she's ready to go back to eating raw vegan tomorrow.


Mindy said...

So glad she didn't have a burger today! :). We are so thankful and happy for your positive news and answered prayers!

Heidi Peterson said...

your team feeling good enough to go to 3 months speaks volumes - so glad!

Susan Jacobsen said...

Ahhhh, I didn't realize it was a raw vegan diet KK has been on. No wonder the compromise of hot veggie soup was so welcomed! :) PTL for answered prayer. Will continue to pray that no burgers will be needed in the near future! ;)

Judy Bleau said...

Yay no burgers!!