Sunday, June 26, 2016

Above Average

Today marks 14.6 months since KK's GBM diagnosis. There were many days during those 14.6 months when I wasn't sure that KK would make it to this day this side of heaven. Too many days for this mama. I have tried not to make a big deal out of grades and report cards over the years, but we are celebrating that she is "above average" in this area!

There were a few incidents that sent my PTSD into overdrive this past week: closing one eye when she looked to the right so she wouldn't see double, right arm weakness and shakiness following IVC treatment,... I knew that the looming post-diagnosis anniversary exacerbated how I was feeling. These incidents had me second guessing the decision to reduce the dose of vitamin C from 75 grams to 50 grams since her saturation levels were high at 75 grams. I worried that the right-sided weakness was due to tumor growth while earnestly praying that it was just a symptom of swelling that would lead to apoptosis. I also prayed for wisdom, discernment, and peace. Thankfully, the right-sided weakness and shakiness went away by the next day. I am fairly confident apoptosis was happening...which leads me to believe that the 50 gram dose of vitamin C is effective. One thing I love about the Rothfeld Center is we will know for sure in about 10 days, since they drew blood last week to make sure that her saturation levels are still in cancer-fighting range.

Please continue to pray with us for KK's healing. We trust that God, not man, knows the number of her days and cancer can't change that!


Terri said...

He knows and ordains every one! Love you both! Continuing to pray!

Heidi Peterson said...

Yes, He does! Blessings to you both from both of us.

Judy Bleau said...

May He continue to bless all of those days, for both of you :-)