Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Charlie Anne

Just over a month ago, some friends from church put together a special bag for KK to give to another girl going through treatment. It was filled with all sorts of goodies and things to do while receiving an infusion. After the MRI on June 8, KK finally had a chance to give the bag away. When we got to the Jimmy Fund Clinic, KK saw a girl about 7 or 8 years old who looked sad. She brought the bag over to her and explained what the bag was. The little girl shook her head as if to say she didn't want it.* I felt badly about this rejection on behalf of KK, but KK was undeterred. She looked around the waiting room, found another little girl, and offered her the bag. The little girl was so excited and happy to receive this gift. After a few minutes (just enough time to go through all the goodies), the little girl and her mom came over to say thank you to KK. We found out the little girl's name is Charlie Anne. What a blessing it was to have a sweet "Charlie" to focus on while we waited for the results of what "Charlie" was doing inside KK's brain!

*A few moments after KK offered the first girl the bag, a nurse came out to get her and I overheard her father say that she wasn't feeling well at all.


Heidi Peterson said...

We love your perseverance, KK, even in finding another little girl to bless. Bethany says you really let Christ's light and love shine through you to Charlie Anne.

Judy Bleau said...

How cool that her name is Charlie!