Thursday, July 16, 2015

God-Ordained Moments...part 1

You may or may not have noticed that I didn't post much last week...not even an update on KK's week at camp. There was a lot for me to process emotionally. It is still raw and I am not quite sure how to share what happened, but I will try. So without further ado, here is a brief recap of KK's week at camp...

KK had a great week at camp!

KK participated in as many of the team challenges as she could and had a blast doing so. Her team was even named HUME Champions...thanks in part to a few pirate-themed care packages! ;-)

HUME Champions 2015!
KK learned to play the cancer-card -- not in a "take advantage of people" type of way, but in a "funny, one-liners" kind of way. She said to one of our teen leaders, "I don't know what your problem is. I have brain cancer; you're just crazy." Rest assured, KK wasn't being rude -- I checked -- the teen was really acting crazy.

Among the myriad of questions I asked KK on our way home from HUME, I asked her what she learned during the main sessions. She started talking about a "movie" they showed about a teen who had cancer that came back three or four times before he finally died at the age of 18. I held her hand and cried silently as I listened to her explain what she learned from this video. She said she cried after the movie and that it felt good to cry.

At church the next day, I told Bethany that the only thing KK remembered about the chapel sessions was a movie about a teen who died of cancer. Bethany shared more of the story:

  • She shared that the speaker was greatly affected by KK throughout the week. During the video, he went out of his way to go over to KK and put his arm around her. 
  • She shared that our middle schoolers surrounded KK while she was crying after the movie. KK asked our group to tell her about Heaven and a couple of the boys started singing I Can Only Imagine
  • She also shared that KK and our middle schoolers had a huge impact on the entire camp, campers and staff alike.
I know I'm not doing this story any justice. I am just so grateful that God met my sweet girl in such an amazingly personal way!

This is Clayton's Story, the short film that was shown at HUME.

I will share my half of the story soon...


Alison Graham said...

Thank you for sharing so vulnerably, Tanya. I'm captivated by the beautiful story God is writing in KK's (and your!) life. He is good and faithful, and the testimony of His mercy shines brightly in your story. My momma's heart is broken for the pain she's experiencing, yet what a beautiful thing to see the immeasurable lessons of His glory she is learning. Our prayers will continue to rise like incense. Love, Ali, Maddie, and Emma.

Vickie Hampton said...

God is with KK. And He will be with her every step of the way.