Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Coursing Through

I want to document what KK has been experiencing since beginning the new supplement in February. It is my hope that it can help others who might want to know what others experienced when they began using it.

One afternoon at the end of February, KK said she felt an energy going through her. I asked her to describe it and she said it felt like it started in her head and just went down her body. At one point, she said it went out through her feet; at another point, it went out through her hands.

One day at the beginning of March, KK was feeling weird off and on. During lunch, she said she felt a weird feeling in her chest and in her right hand. I went through some of my tests to see if it was a seizure, but she seemed fine. The weird feeling continued to come and go as we were at the movies. I asked KK if she wanted to go home, but she didn't want to leave. Again, I wondered if she might be having a seizure. One thing that kind of reassured me that she wasn't having a seizure was that she remembered multiple things about the movie (and one of the previews) hours later, which wouldn't normally happen if she had a seizure. Let's just pause for a moment and celebrate that she remembered details...considering her short-term memory loss!!! When we got home from the movie, she felt the weird feeling again and said, "Devil, you are not going to win!" Shortly afterwards, she said "Woo!" and told me that she felt like a negative energy left her.

That night, I tried contacting other people that used the supplement for their brain tumors to see if they experienced anything similar. One gentleman said that he remembered having strange sensations/over-sensitization and his equilibrium was a bit off when he began the supplement.

The weird energies continued to go through her the next day. I still wasn't 100% sure that she wasn't having seizures, so I asked her multiple times if she thought she needed a rescue med. She said no all day long until she finally said yes that night. I gave her one of the dissolving tablets and a half hour later she had another episode. It pretty much confirmed that these energies and weird feelings weren't seizure activity. I read that this supplement is a powerful antioxidant that can actually turn the toxins released by cancer cells as they die into energy...I began to wonder if healing was happening in KK's brain and releasing an electrical surge through her body.

Last week, KK started the IV version at the Rothfeld Center. Before we began, the IV nurse had spent time gathering information from another center that uses Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex regularly. One of the things they wanted us to know is that many patients report having blurry vision during/after their first infusions that is short-lived. I'm so glad she warned us, because KK did experience some vision issues a few hours after the first infusion on Monday. She didn't have any vision problems after the second infusion on Wednesday. However, she did have headaches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that were very concerning to me. Honestly, I was worried that the headaches were caused by tumor growth. I "laid out my fleece" with God on Thursday and said that if the headaches didn't go away in 7 days then I would contact Dana Farber to see if we could move up the MRI. Well, it didn't even take 7 hours before the headaches went away. KK felt an energy go through her and her headache was gone.

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Judy Bleau said...

Yes! Let that energy move the toxins right out! Praise God!