Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Great Day

KK and Lucas in Times Square,
just a block from our hotel.
A dear family that used to attend Chapel spoke with my friend Jenna about something "fun" they could do for us (me, KK, Jenna and Lucas). They ended up paying for us to go to NYC overnight and see Anastasia on Broadway. We planned the trip for shortly after Easter since I knew I would need a little break after the Easter Egg Hunt, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.

Unfortunately, KK wasn't doing so well physically: her vision was severely compromised and she was experiencing some torticollis reminiscent of pre-diagnosis days (hence the Keeping It Real blog post earlier this week). Throughout the day, there were many looks and nods between Jenna and I as I worried about how KK was doing. Despite all of this, KK had a great attitude. She was pretty excited to see the musical, singing along to many of the songs.

At dinner after the musical, I said aloud, "Okay, God, I am laying out my fleece. You have seven days to bring some healing and show me that we are on the right track. If I'm not, then please show me what we need to do next." Literally within seven minutes, KK was sitting straighter, holding her head up better, and her voice was getting stronger. I looked at Jenna and asked, "Do you see this?" She confirmed what I was seeing. It did my heart good. As the night went on and KK continued to do well, we just kept praising God. At one point, I reminded Jenna that about a month prior to this I had said something similar when we were all together and KK was having headaches...within an hour, KK had a "shiver" go through her and her headache went away. I laughed and said, "God, you don't have to wait for me 'to lay out my fleece' next time."

I admit that I am still apprehensive about what we will see on the MRI next week since her vision remains poor. However, as I have led KK -- at times with my voice, at other times with my hand on hers -- this week, I trust that God will continue to lead us no matter what the MRI reveals.


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