Saturday, March 4, 2017


Vision Testing:
KK's team at Dana Farber scheduled an urgent appointment with Ophthalmology after her vision problems 2 weeks ago. The earliest "urgent" appointment available was March 1. Honestly, I didn't think the appointment was all that necessary. I was pretty sure that the problem was due to pressure on the optic nerves and all they would do is have KK take steroids to reduce the swelling (which we did).

By the time March 1 rolled around, KK's peripheral and color vision had returned and all she saw was flickering once in a while. The results of the tests revealed that her vision had not changed since her last exam. In addition, there were no grey areas which would have been indicative of nerve damage.

Supplement Sensitivity Testing:
The blood test to find out what alternative treatments KK would be most sensitive to does not work for brain tumors. We will need to send a sample of the tumor tissue to the lab. I will try to get a sample from UMass where KK had her first resection since Dana Farber continues to use the tissue taken from the second resection at Children's for clinical trial testing.


Heidi Peterson said...

So glad her vision remains stable since it recovered. Praying for further improvement, and continuing to pray for encouragement, peace and wisdom.

Judy Bleau said...

Peace to you 💜

Nadine Bullock said...

Love you friend. Glad to hear her vision is better!