Saturday, March 11, 2017

Keytruda Testimonies

This morning, I sent an email to a brain tumor group asking if anyone has taken part in the Keytruda clinical trial. I received a few responses, including two that offered to talk to me by phone. Here is what I have gathered:

All of the patients saw their GBM respond well to the immunotherapy while they were on it. 3 out of the 4 have stopped the trial due to swelling and its effects. The fourth is experiencing swelling with severe side effects which they are trying to control with steroids to no avail. Effects of swelling have included things like seizures and loss of mobility. Those that stopped treatment had subsequent tumor growth/recurrence.

This drug still worries KK says, "Drugs can help you, kill you, or worse." Keytruda may help reduce the tumor load, but I'm still worried about the latter two.


Terri said...

Praying for wisdom - sounds like the Great Physician is confirming what you have felt from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you have a group to pose questions to, and that you were able to get knowledgeable responses, to consider your options. Lynda

Judy Bleau said...

You are both in my prayers every day 💜

Heidi Peterson said...

Been praying for wisdom regarding this trial since your first post about it. Still praying for wisdom and peace that passes understanding.