Thursday, February 9, 2017

Long Weekend

Last weekend was a long, exhausting weekend.

KK had a simple partial seizure on Friday afternoon. It consisted of a loss of strength in her right hand, her tongue deviated to the right, and slow speech. When we were at the Brain Tumor Clinic earlier in the week, Dr. Ulrich realized we were prescribed the wrong version of Klonopin, an oral rescue med, last February. She said the one we had would take 20-30 minutes to work and that we should have been prescribed the dissolvable version. She said she would mail us the new prescription. Since I had not received it yet, I gave KK one of the old ones. Thankfully, it worked and the seizure stopped. After contacting Dana Farber, they told me to increase her dose of Keppra.

Saturday, KK was out of it for most of the day. The Klonopin made her very lethargic. That night, when I got her up to go to the bathroom, she was having another simple partial seizure. This time, I gave her just half the Klonopin...the seizure stopped and her strength returned. 

On Sunday, she was like a zombie at church. We ended up leaving early so she could take a nap. She seemed better after the nap and we went to my parents' to watch the Super Bowl. KK had yet another simple partial seizure during the Super Bowl. I gave her another half of Klonopin. At the beginning of the third quarter as KK came out of the seizure, I said "KK is doing better; now my Patriots need to start doing better." (They did!)

The one good thing about the timing of Friday's seizure was that it happened before I started KK on the new supplement. If the seizure happened after giving her the supplement, I would have associated the seizure with it and would have stopped giving it to her.

I cancelled Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy until we got the seizures under control. If she had a seizure in the hyperbaric chamber, it would take time to depressurize it before they could get her out. 

I have not seen any more seizures this week. She has had other issues, but thankfully no more seizures.


Kim said...

Praying for healing and rest.

Heidi Peterson said...

Bethany and I just prayed together -- for peace, encouragement, healing, and no more seizures!

Mindy said...

Praying for no more seizures and for a peaceful weekend for you both.

Olivia Cyr said...

Praying for peace, healing, and wisdom

Judy Bleau said...

Praying for you both 💜