Monday, July 4, 2016

IVC on Vacation

KK is at HUME for summer camp again this year!

I spoke with Beth, the nurse practitioner at The Rothfeld Center, about a month ago to figure out how we could continue treatment while KK was at camp in the Berkshires. I mentioned that there was a place about an hour from the camp that administers IV Vitamin C. Beth said it was customary for many integrative medicine centers to help each other and she would contact them to see if they would be able to treat KK one or two times during the week. The receptionist at the other center said they had a waiting list and wouldn't be able to fit KK in. Beth asked Dr. Rothfeld to contact the doctor of the other place to see if he might be able to change their mind. As of last Tuesday, we had not received a response, so we came up with a plan B: I would purchase the supplies to administer the vitamin C myself. Of course, when we went for treatment on Friday, they heard from the other doctor and he said they would fit us in. At that point, I already had my head wrapped around doing it myself, so we declined.

I gave KK a treatment before we left for camp and I will go to HUME on Wednesday to give her another treatment. We will do the same thing when we go to Vermont for vacation in August. It is so nice to have this as an option!


Terri said...

The Lord continues to equip you in incredible ways - way to go!

Judy Bleau said...

KK, you look fabulous! So happy! Momma, keep up the good work. Praises to God for His provision.

Heidi Peterson said...

Good for you!