Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moving Up in the World

We moved from Medical Surgical ICU to the floor today!

We are now directly across from Neuro-Oncology on the ninth floor.  It is definitely an upgrade for me with the ability to eat in the room, a fridge, bathroom and shower in the room, and, thankfully, better sleeping arrangements.  KK likes the big screen TV.  It is much quieter up here as well.

We will miss the nurses (shout out to Kristina, Lisa, and Stephanie) and a couple charge nurses (Lou-Lou and Mary) in the MICU, but we are glad to be moving up in the hospital world!


Wendy. aka Auntie Wendy said...

Yay! Sounds much nicer!

Kelly Canney said...

What great news!

Judy Bleau said...

sounds like great news! hugs to you both, and continued prayers.

Melissa Singley said...

Wonderful news!!! Love, the Singley Family

Kim Taylor said...

Great news!! Continuing to send thoughts and prayers!!!

Toni Lynn said...

So happy to hear you're moving on up! Praying God keeps answering the prayers of so many of us and that your heat stays strong and this picc line issue or whatever it is gets under control. Love you both.