Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

Kilaharee was so excited about starting school today. She was still awake when I checked on her last night shortly after 9:00 and she was up bright and early (TOO EARLY) this morning.

When I asked her how school was, she said, "School went fabulous. I didn't have to go to the principal's office. The best thing was the media center, but we didn't get to take out any books because Miss Lotane was going to be back in a 'jippy' (jiffy)." She said she didn't make any friends, but she remembers Gabrielle, Sonu (sp?), and Samantha. The principal said she was a little teary this morning, but she pulled it together. I asked K.K. about it and she said she wanted to be at home. I told her that I wasn't at home, that I was at work and she would have more fun at school. (Although, I must admit that I did have fun at work...it was nice to talk to and be around adults!)

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