Monday, May 29, 2017


Here is the link to KK's obituary (turn on the volume). It will be published in the Worcester Telegram on Wednesday.

Writing an obituary is stinking hard and no parent should ever have to do it.

They are working on removing the "send sympathy flowers" link since flowers are something that will die on me as well. If you try to send flowers through the link, the funeral home will cancel the order and refund your money for me. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to Holden Christian Academy's Scholarship Fund to honor KK's life. Donations may be sent to Holden Christian Academy, 279 Reservoir Street, Holden, MA  01520 (please note Scholarship Fund in the memo line).


Kim said...

You're right, no parent should have to do this. But, just like loving and being a mom to KK, you did this well and beautifully.

Bonnie Fiske said...

I can't imagine the emptiness that you have in your heart, I hope that you can find comfort with all the stories and memories that people have about KK. I think she is busy giving "special KK hugs" ....when I saw her a couple weeks she told me that she would give my friend Donna a very special hug and that when she went to heaven she would tell her I said hello....Even though she was a gift for such a short period of time, she taught so many people, so many lessons, and I will never forget those great "KK hugs" and then telling me to go spread happiness ......XOXO

Doug & Christine Blair said...

So, so sorry for all you and KK have gone through! My heart is breaking for you at the same time as having gratitude for the years you had with your daughter and your sure hope that you will be with her again.