Friday, December 23, 2016

HBOT Prayers

I already see improvements in KK's memory! I thought for sure it would take a few treatments before we would see any results. However, KK was able to answer multiple questions about the experience that I know she would not have been able to answer before the treatment. Is her memory perfect? Far from it...but she is remembering!

  • On our way home, I told KK the name of the IV nurse (Tiana) that I met while she was in the chamber and she remembered it 45 minutes later. 
  • I asked her what the color of the chamber was and she said white. I agreed that the inside was white, then told her that the outside was blue. When I asked again 30 minutes later, she remembered both colors. 
  • The Reiningers gave us a tin of cookies today. I ate one of them when we got in the car after the treatment and I was intrigued by how simple and yummy one kind was and explained it to KK. I later asked her if she remembered the kind of cookie Ms. Evan made and she remembered that they had chocolate and peanut butter.  
  • At home, I was still praising God and saying, "Yippie, Jesus!" KK said, "What?" I asked, "Do you know why I am praising God?" and KK said, "Because I had the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment and I am remembering things." (Just the fact that she was able to remember that she remembered things is huge!)

Here are our prayers for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy...


  • This therapy will halt and heal the necrosis.
  • In healing the necrosis, her short-term memory loss will be reversed.


  • Her peripheral vision would be restored.
  • The right-sided weakness would improve.


  • "Charlie" will be defeated!

All of the above are possible with HBOT.  Please pray with us for God to use this therapy in mighty ways!


Terri said...

Praying! Praying! Praying!

Judy Bleau said...

Wow! Praising and praying with you!

Susan said...

Praising God for the gift of tangible progress in just one treatment!! Continuing to pray.

Anonymous said...

Think & always praying for you!! 4th grade prayers everyday for complete healing, "Lord, get EVERY cell of that cancer out of KK's body"!!! Love you both so much and pray that you have a beautiful Christmas & a New Year filled with healing, peace, & much joy!!

Heidi Peterson said...

So excited to hear about the improvement! Will keep up the prayers!!

Mindy said...

Happy that you are seeing immediate results from the HBOT treatment. Continuing to pray for you both!