Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mother's Helper

KK with Lauren and Michael
at the Southwick Zoo
A couple weeks ago, a family from church invited KK to the Southwick Zoo. She had a wonderful time with Lauren and Michael. Michael is one of her favorite "littles". She prays for him and a handful of others all the time.

After their time together, Kristin and I talked about having KK spend time with Michael so she could focus on homeschooling her older kids. We decided Wednesday mornings while I was at work and before KK's IVC treatment in the afternoon would be a good time for KK to do this.

The first Wednesday, KK woke up so happy for her first day as a mother's helper. She had so much fun playing, reading, and watching a video with Michael. By the time Kristin dropped KK off at the church, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the couch at church before Kristin left.

It is such a blessing for KK to do something she loves so much. I am thankful that this is also a blessing to the Delaneys and that a lot of homeschooling is able to be done during the time KK is playing with Michael.

Who knew that having brain cancer would afford KK this wonderful opportunity!?!


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How wonderful! KK, you are such a blessing to that family!