Friday, March 11, 2016

Pray for God's Favor

Please pray with me for God's favor to go before us with MassHealth. MassHealth is KK's supplemental insurance since she was in the care of the Department of Children and Families. Anything that is not covered by our primary insurance should be covered by MassHealth since KK has full benefits there.

I just got off the phone with a gentleman, Deion, from MassHealth's research department. At first, he didn't sound hopeful that the IV Vitamin C treatments would be covered because the treatment center does not bill insurance companies directly. However, he didn't say no. He is continuing to look into this and will get back to me early next week.

We trust that God will provide for all our needs. If that is to be through MassHealth, then pray with us for God to direct Deion's research into this matter.


Mindy said...


Heidi Peterson said...

Joining you in prayer for this

Bonnie Fiske said...

I have been dealing with them and advocating for KK regarding this issue, and I continue to get the run around so I just keep calling back and of course getting someone new each time,but I am hoping that, that special person will listen to my story BEFORE they just say no! Maybe this is the break through!

Abbaschild said...

I am praying mightily for a resolution
God knows you need this to be settled
Love and prayers to you and KK